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I have received a confirmation email from Asia Center of Japan Tokyo.
Bottom line is we have our reservation for our planned dates.
The total cost is 792,750 yen - which we have to pay for up front when we arrive.

Below is my working out for everyones cost, which is estimated with the current exchange rate.

Note: Originally I was going to get the total cost and simply divide it by 10, so everyone pays the same amount.
I think to make it a bit more fair, we should each pay for tour appropriate room.
This does mean that the people staying in the twin rooms (including myself) do have to pay $30 more now, but I think this is only fair.

This hotel was picked because:
  • The Brcan's have stayed there and were very happy
  • They speak English
  • It is well priced (for a 3star hotel)
  • Close to attractions and a train station
  • Includes free breakfast
  • Includes free internet

More information and photos for this hotel can be found here: