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Past experiences

Below is a message from Chris, a work colleague of mine who went to Japan in February.
I have attached Chris's itinerary for reference. Chris also went on a 4 day tour which included a Japanese cooking class and accommodation in a traditional Japanese Inn.
Here is some more information on that tour:

This includes details of the giant octopus balls, and some other 
interesting stuff to visit.

I didn't get to the New York Grill, but it is meant to be good. Go there
for lunch as its meant to be cheap. We turned up for dinner (got the
instructions wrong) and it was like $200 for a main...

I can probably explain some of the stuff - we didn't see/find it all.
in addition to the places i marked on your maps, just remembered a coupla places, try the little side alleys if you have time, the first street off the station i asked you to try does not have street view so can't point them out. 
omote sando is endless high shopping - hope you are not into expensive labels ...

also New York Grill: dinner there is apparently top class beef (probably wagyu), i'm not that fussed to i didn't try, but i did try their buffet lunch and the view is very nice.;jsessionid=VINIXQ1QCGO1CCTEAGCCFFIKMQAYKIV0
ask the hotel staff to help you if my pic is not helping

there's a good sushi place at ebisu, big station you can find on the maps i gave you

try the Absolut Ice Bar but perhaps ask the hotel staff to see if it has moved yet cos i think it's moving ...

also try buddha bar at shibuya if you have time which has a giant buddha statue inside and nice asian food, korean funnily (it's a restaurant as well)

have fun

Some other attractions that were recommended were:

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11 Aug 2009, 18:09