This is a wiki for all the information regarding a trip to Japan in January 2010!
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Details have been worked out, and flights and accommodation should have been booked.

So far the trip will include 13 nights accommodation + return flights for about $2,439
For more details, see the Proposed plan page.

Sample attractions and activities can be found in attractions, if you find anything new please let us know. Amy will have a more comprehensive guide of attractions on the site soon.

Daily spend has been estimated at $150/day, although most days should be less than that.
So, $1500 (give or take a little) for the trip should cover food, transport, activities, etc.

Below are estimates for food:
 MealJapanese Yen
Australian Dollar
 Lunch¥1000 - ¥2000 $12 - $25
 Dinner¥2000 - ¥3000  $25 - $38
¥100 - ¥500 $1.25 - $6.30

All prices are as of 02/08/2009, for up-to-date currency conversions, try the currency converter.