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Learn Japanese

Here is some basic Japanese to practice for the trip.. :D

Greetings and Introductions
Part A
Part B 
Part C

Dining in Japan
Part A  includes entering a restaurant, being greeted for seating and a few situations you might encounter in finding a table.
Part B   includes ordering Japanese food from a menu.
Part C   includes special ordering ( preferences) from a menu.
Part D   includes ordering coffee, dessert and paying the bill.

Getting Around Japan
Part A  includes asking for genral directions.
Part B   includes buying a ticket at a train station
Part C   includes buying a bus ticket and hailing a taxi.

Shopping in Japan
Part A   includes buying vegetables & fruits, food at a delicatessen, and meat at shops
Part B   Buying Food - includes buying seafood at the market
Part C   Buying Clothes - communicating with salespeople
Part D   Buying Clothes - continued...
Part E   Buying Medicine - Asking for medicine at a Pharmacy

Part A   includes Checking In
Part B   Accommodations - Becoming familiar (orientation)
Part C   Accommodations - Services and Facilitates
Part D  Accommodations - Checking Out

This is not my work and i thank for this information.
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